Bed Space

According to Google;

The king size mattress dimensions are 76 inches wide by approximately 80 inches long – about 18 inches wider than a queen. This is the closest a couple can come to having as much personal space (38 inches) as each would have on a twin bed.

38 Inches per person is that what it says right? That’s what I see too, so riddle me this Batman, why does the wifey & I’s sleeping arrangement look more like this?

I’m not joking this is what it looks like. now let me explain the wifey & I are not small people we need our space.

I bring this up, because last night according to wifey I threw my pillow into her face when I came to bed, now I am not saying I didn’t, but it wasn’t intentional, however dear readers let me explain.

She was over on my side just a little bit more than usual with her pillow, now she will argue this til she’s blue in the face, but c’mon I bet if I took a poll of men, more than 70% would also face this dilemma.

I almost jumped up and measured her space vs mine, because I tell you dear readers my right arm (I sleep on the right side) was on the edge of the KING SIZED bed, but I was afraid I would wake her up, and then “That’s how the fight began.” So I stayed in my little coffin of a space, while she snored directly in my ear (glad I wear ear plugs, but I can still hear the thunderous roars, it’s just not as bad.

Anyway dear readers a miracle happened, it wasn’t intentional I was trying to be the good guy here, but I rolled over….not violently like normal, (sometimes it’s almost like I jump up in mid-air and turn while still in the air then come crashing down, i’m not sure how I do this, I would like to see it on video) just casually rolled over facing the left. She awoke and exclaimed in startled voice “What was that?” I didn’t respond, thinking she may be talking in her sleep. Again she said “What was that?” At this time I realized she was not in a deep slumber so I responded with “What was what?” “That shaking!” she said. I didn’t understand, so I replied with “I rolled over, but there wasn’t any shaking.”

I think what happened was I may have rolled and touched her hand, or pillow, or something since she was over on my side of the bed more than usual. Here is where the miracle happened dear readers

she rolled over back onto her side of the bed, and we both slept uninterrupted til the dawn.

So men, I ask you what is the solution to the bed stealing wives, girlfriends, or significant others in our lives? Or is there even a solution? Are we cursed to live the rest of our lives in our palaces like this? Is it just in our minds and our ladies are correct after all? Are we mad? Is there a way to put a barrier, so neither one of us wake up with black eyes or worse…divorced?

Mothers’ Day A Review

Yesterday was Mother’s Day so I decided to take my wife (mother of my stepson) out and surprise her.

I took her to BW3’s wild wings…..what’s that? That doesn’t sound very romantic you say? Well she picked it….she LOVES the place, so I happily accomodated her  (stayed on the Chris Clay Diet too heh).

We enjoyed our wings and had a bit of chit chat about life in general. Afterwards we went to the nearby Barnes & Noble, I piked up LIFE by Keith Richards and she picked up a book about the BORGIA’s (she loves the Showtime series….I do too, but I am way behind in and need to catch up, she went on without me lol) BTW Jason of The Borgia’s are in Assassin’s Creed 2….check it out, GREAT GAME!

After our little spending spree I drove her to the theater (she had NO idea what my plans were) and pulled up to the curb and said “why don’t you get out and look pretty and I’ll be right back.” At this point I think she figured it out.

I park the car and met her and tell her to come down to me (I wanted to smuggle one of my Viatmin Water Zeros in and she was by the door near peering eyes) so she came down and I had her open her purse…..crime committed!

I purchase 2 tickets to see SOMETHING BORROWED (she has been wanting to see this since the previews came out and I admit I wanted to see it too….I can do a chick flick if it’s written well…couple of  my favs is ABOUT LAST NIGHT & WHEN HARRY MET SALLY just to give you an idea). We go inside I tell her to go find our seats and I get her a small popcorn with butter (BLUCK…I like mine plain, but this is her day) and a water.

While I’m in line she texts me that she’s up in the very top row (MY girl! That’s my fav place to sit in the movies) and that she almost fell lol (her words, not mine) she said tripped up one of the steps LOL (my word).

Onto the movie review:

Something Borrowed stars Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn &  Bill Hudson’s daughter), Jennifer Goodwin (One of the wives in BIG LOVE…sorry her name escapes me at the moment) &  John Kransiski (Jim from THE OFFICE) & Collin Egglesfield (never heard of him, but he looks like Tom Cruise).

The story is about Kate, Collin and Jennifer’s’ crazy love triangle….see Jennifer and Collin have been really good friends since college, but that’s all it was is friends….study buddies if you will. One night Jennifer introduces Collin to Kate and they become a couple. Fast forward 6 years and it’s Jennifer’s 30th birthday bash….Collin and Kate are just a few wakes away from becoming man and wife, birthday girl gets trashed and ends up in a cab with Collin where the two confess that they both had crushes on each other in college.

I’ll stop there and no tell anymore details of the film so as not to ruin it for you, and will continue with my half-assed review:

This is a charming, funny romantic comedy that is actually laugh out loud funny at times. You actually care about the characters and what happens to them. Kate Hudson is cute as always, but her characters’ ego really makes her unattractive in this, she does a great job, because like John’s character (who is just a good friend of Jennifer btw….so you know why he’s in the film) can’t really stand her.

Jennifer is great in this even though as my wife pointed out played the same character she always does (shy, unsure of herself single lady) I would like to see her play a more challening role….hopefully she gets the chance sine BIG LOVE is over.

John really steals the movie with his one liners and antics (the beac badmittion scene) he is very funny in this.

I enjoyed this as did my wife and I will give it a B+ or an A-. Very good date movie and worth the $7.50 I spent for a matinee.