Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of MetalLouder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal by Jon Wiederhorn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great book for metal fans both young and old. The book covers the early days (Blue Cheer. Sabbath, Alice Cooper) to most current metal bands (Slipknot, Disturbed, and Godsmack).

In depth interviews, lots of debauchery, and some un-needed details.

All in all this was a pleasure to read, even if I didn’t like certain bands or genres.

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R.I.P. Favorite Tunes Friday

I’ve decided to kill off Friday Tunes Friday……even though it was nice, but well it just wasn’t me.

I now bring you the Transdimensional Space Goat:

This is how I feel when I hear music……it just helps me escape from everyday life/problems.

When I was younger I would just sit in my room put on music and blast off.

Let’s get to it then this is 3 AM UFO Blues Tapes all I can find out about this “band” is that it’s a one man band from Peru….this is Can’t Stand, and this is perfect for the birth of the Transdimensional Space Goat. Ignition in 3….2….1:

The return of Favorite Tunes Friday

Well I went back and seen what the last song/band was when I departed, so here is the continuation:

This here is 3 Speed Automatic they hailed from Germany, and like most of my FTF’s not much info about these bands. This are a stoner/hard rock band. Very groovy imo. Give it a listen and have a great Friday.

3 Speed Automatic “Hit Me”

Favorite Tunes Friday

After a weeks hiatus it’s back……I just forgot and lost the track of time with the holiday and all, so let’s get right to it shall we?

Next CD is 86 MENTALITY another obscure band apparently, not much is known about them they only released 1 album and 1 EP which surprisingly wasn’t even mentioned in the website and the only thing I have by them….so sorry about the non biography.

This song is actually on the EP and the full length album titled FINAL EXIT, so for your listening enjoyment here is RED BLOOD VIOLENCE by 86 MENTALITY

Favorite Tunes Frid…..errr Saturday!

Happy Saturday to ya, yep slept on the FTF didn’t I? Becoming a habit, fear not readers I don’t play by the rules, so today I bring you Favorite Tunes Saturday…aren’t I clever?

I don’t know much, hell anything about the band ’63 MONROE other than they are punk rock, I did a google search and this popped up, so you can go here and read it yourself.

I did find a video for you lucky bastiges, enjoy:


Favorite Tunes Friday

Today I did something a little different to spice it up a bit since I have been in a “writer’s block” kind of funk…I posted the vid 1st…yeah originality.

Hmmm, I tried to find a bio for this band and there isn’t I do know they formed in 1992 and split in 2010 I only have one of their albums and it’s their last lol. They are a hardcore band, now I am not talking about today’s hardcore….today’s hardcore is some weak ass shit. This is old school hardcore like the Cro-Mags, D.R.I., Agnostic Front….shit like that.

Anyway enjoy and I do apologize to my faithful readers, I may have another one to write today, but who knows.

Favorite Tunes Friday

Today moving down my CD collection we have 24-7 Spyz

Hailing from NYC The Bronx to be exact, they formed in 1986 on the coattails of Fishbone & Living Colour this is an all black band as well, but they had a more METAL sound, they also have elements of funk, rap and sometimes dub reggae. This is from their 2nd album titled GUMBO MILLENNIUM – NEW SUPER HERO WORSHIP (this song has more of a BAD BRAINS feel too it, especially the vocal stylings. Enjoy!

Dddddd Double Shot! (Favorite Tunes Friday)

Well I screwed up last week and I totally forgot about Favorite Tunes Friday, so you lucky readers get a double dose of tunes today, I know I consider you lucky too…, no there is no reason to thank me, just sit back relax and listen to the sweetness coming out of your speakers….my error is your gain.

Today we have the band 16 from California they are a sludgy, stoner metal band…get used to these terms people I have a lot of this kind of music in my collection…lucky you. describes this band as the edgy aggression that hangs thick in the air just before a bar fight, translated into music. Sounds great right? They have five albums under their belt the 1st one came out in 1993 and their last came out in 2009, they were on 7 year hiatus before releasing their last album BRIDGES TO BURN  which was their major label debut from RELAPSE RECORDS this is BORN TO LOSE  off of that album, this was recorded live at “HELLFEST 2010”

Next band is Chicago’s 18 SPEED TRANNY the only thing I could found out about this band is that they changed their name to ANALOG MACHINE and have released one album under that moniker which came out in 2007, so I guess it’s safe to say they have either disbanded or on hiatus. Here is all I could find from them this song is called “JUSTICE”  it was recorded live at Durty Nellie’s in IL.

Favorite Tunes Friday

*In my Kasey Kasem voice* Moving down the countdown on my cd collection today is the band 5IVE, not to be confused with british boy band 5ive….it was hard to find a vid, but fear not fellow readers I KNOW how to use the interweb.

5IVE is Boston based psych-stoner-doom act mostly instrumental, so turn it up loud and zone out…Happy Friday!