This Week In Smokes X2

Well it has been a couple of weeks…..maybe longer since I have updated this topic on my blog, due to the revamping of the site, which took longer than expected… without further ado I will try to go by memory.

Sunday the 4th of Dec when the wifey went to church. I had a Partagas 10….. since the weather was nice a very good smoke 5 out of 5, haven’t had a bad Partagas yet.

I also decided to try a CAO Earth Nectar this was a flavored cigar, that wasn’t great and wasn’t bad…….would not buy another, but if someone gave me one I would smoke it. so a 3 out 5

On the 5th of Dec I received a very nice, thoughtful bomb from someone on I won’t go into the details, because that’s a whole nother blog that I don’t want to get into right now, here are the sticks:

  1. Diesel Shorty
  2. Bolivar Robusto
  3. Liga Privada Undercrown Gran Toro
  4. AVO Heritage Toro
  5. Perdomo Habano Maduro Robusto

The next day I received these beauties from another member of CA:

Included are 3 Gold 5 Vegas & 2 Gold Maduro 5 Vegas, + matches and advertisements.

On Tuesday the 6th I smoked my 2nd worst smoke (1st was the Gurkha European Selection) this one was the MAN O’ WAR Virtue, I actually pitched this after the 1st third…0 out of 5, will NOT smoke again.

On the 7th I received another bomb from a member of the CA this time was because I posted an “empty” pic of the TRUNKADOR….I don’t think so, but he felt obligated to bomb me anyway.

  1. Indian Tabac Maduro Boxpress
  2. Lot No. 826 Churchill Perdomo
  3. Nica Libre 1990 Churchill Boxpress
  4. Oliva “G” Series Boxpress Torpedo
  5. La Pearla Black Pearl Toro Torpedo Box Press

+ 5 pack of 5 Vegas Classic Maduro Robusto

That night I had a Cohiba ‘Red Dot’ this was my 2nd one I had ever had, and this one was 10x’s better than the 1st a def 5 out 5.

Saturday the 10th my mother threw a Christmas part and I took some smokes with me, 1st up is a no name brand….a member of CA decided to start rolling his own and he named it after his dog “Roxy” he graciously sent me one of his Maduro to try.

This cigar has the best smell of any cigar I have ever smelt and this was without even lighting it, just amazing and it smoked just as well. A def 5 out of 5

Next I had a Tatuaje……um sorry I forget which one, and my notes aren’t helping, but once again I have not had a bad Tat 5 out of 5

Next was the smoke of the night Liga Privada Undercrown, this was not from the one that was just bombed to me, this was one I won from back in Oct. 5 out of 5

That bottle behind it? Yeah that’s what I paired it with….DELICIOUS!

On CA I submitted my MAW (Make A Wish) and a member sent these to fulfill my wish

  1. 601 Blue Maduro (wish)
  2. Old Henry Maduro (Wish)
  3. Liga Privada No. 9 (Wish)
  4. 601 Red
  5. Alec Bradley 1997 Harvest Selection
  6. Alec Bradley Select Cabinet Reserve

Also on the same day I received my 2nd prize from (I won again!!!!!)

  1. 5er of Brickhouse
  2. 5er of Casa De Garcia
  3. 5er of E Doble

On Tuesdaythe 13th Marlon came over to my house and brought me a very nice stick…….a Davidoff Double R….now these are about $31 a stick…..def worth it, but I just can’t see myself buying a box anytime soon….too much, but still a 5 out of 5

Friday was our usual Herf at Marlon’s house he had some boxes come in this week and couldn’t wait to share some with me and Alan, so I just brought some cheap smokes with me, nothing special hell I didn’t even get to them. He gave me a Liga Privada Undercrown (because I had been raving about the one I smoked at my mom’s party he bought a box)

And one that’s quickly becoming a fav of mine Nat Sherman, this one was the Suave and yep 5 out of 5

Saturday I had some Christmas shopping and I stopped at the local B&M to buy for my Secret Santa on CA and Marlon met me up there, I bought a Macanudo 1968 & a Saint Louis Rey

Marlon also bought a Macanudo 1968 and we both smoked it, we both thought it was boring smoke a 3 out of 5

Afterwards Marlon handed me one he just bought (he bought 2 of these) a 601 Green Label MUCH MUCH better 5 out of 5 I am loving these 601’s.

Now a little something extra for you my readers, when Marlon came over I showed him my Trunkador set up and he said I should empty out my humidors and jut put my sticks in there by themselves… here ya go.

Ignore the temps, I had it open for awhile so the temp dropped, but all is good sitting at 72%!


“I’m Gonna Fight You!”

Last night my stepson wanted to go outside and play while mommy made dinner, so I went out with him to watch him and make sure he didn’t runaway or get kidnapped or just didn’t do anything he shouldn’t be doing.

It started out ok with him riding his bike, but then his ADD kicked in and he wanted to ride his battery operated Jeep. The night before we all sat out in the driveway and watched a local church put on a firework show and while we waited he rode the Jeep around and the battery was getting weak and we all forgot to charge it.

He tells me that he wants to ride his Jeep, I tell him that it’s dead and that the battery needs to be charged, which usually takes overnight to charge it.

“No it isn’t”

“Ok fine” I have grown tired of arguing with a four year old, so whenever he argues now, I just say “OK.”

He rides the Jeep and surprisingly it works…………until he gets out into the street and turns around to go over the little ramp back up to the driveway. Here is where it turns sour, the Jeep doesn’t have the power to make it over the ramp and he starts yelling at me.


“No” I say calmly, because he didn’t say please and I am trying to get this kid to learn his manners, if he would have said please I would have jumped up and helped  and I wasn’t going to remind him.


“No, you can push it” It’s not that heavy, even for a 4 year old.

He gets out and pushes it, to my surprise he pushes it very hard and easily (he was pissed!) he pushes it all the way up to the top of the driveway.

“I’m gonna tell mommy you yelled at me!”

“No, I didn’t” I didn’t yell, this whole entire time I was very calm and trying not to egg him on.

He goes inside and SLAMS the door, he comes out a few seconds later…


He’s carying this toy sword that if you get hit with it, it does hurt, and he comes out and he starts hitting me really fast repeatedly.


Continues hitting me

“I said stop”

Continues hitting me, so I swat his butt, it would have been harder, but the angle I was at I couldn’t reach it….he stops and just glares at me.

“Get in the house!”

Still glaring


He starts crying and he goes inside, I follow him and he stands in the kitchen.

“Get on the couch and don’t move!!”

Mommy finally has had it

“Ok what is going on”

I explain to her that he is upset because the Jeeps’ battery is dead and I calmly explain to her as I did above. After I finished she took my side and told him that he knows better than to hit people with the sword, and he stays on the couch till dinner is ready (about 10 mins if that).

Sigh……good times.


Don’t Need Nothing…But A Good Time.

This morning I awoke from a dream…me and my wife had just left her sisters house and we were talking about the band Poison, actually she was talking about them.

Anyway I pull into this rinky-dink record store and tell her that I wanted to treat myself…she said go ahead.

I go in and instead of cd’s they have what looks like backpatches (remember those?) and this is how you order what you are looking for, so I see them all from AC/DC to ZZTOP just your basic bands nothing rare or anything.

I’m looking for a band in particular and right now as I’m writing I can’t remember which one anyway I see Poison and I remember my conversation with my wife and I decided.I would suprise her.

I look around the store and I see cd’s now…remember it’s a dream, just go wih it. I look through their selection and I come across an album called ‘Nothing, But A Good Time’ and it looks like a kind of “Storytellers” album just from the cover. I asked to listen to it to see if it was what I thought it was and to see what kind of condition it was in…..I failed to mention this was a used record store. The cd sounded good so I decided to purchase it.

So I find a couple of cd’s for myself as well (I think a live Pearl Jam & maybe a Guns N’ Roses cd). So I go to the counter and the lady says they have a special, buy 1 get 2 for free!!!!! I question this, but she assures me it’s true, so I pay full price for Poison and start to go back to the car to surprise my wife and I wake up.

Mothers’ Day A Review

Yesterday was Mother’s Day so I decided to take my wife (mother of my stepson) out and surprise her.

I took her to BW3’s wild wings…..what’s that? That doesn’t sound very romantic you say? Well she picked it….she LOVES the place, so I happily accomodated her  (stayed on the Chris Clay Diet too heh).

We enjoyed our wings and had a bit of chit chat about life in general. Afterwards we went to the nearby Barnes & Noble, I piked up LIFE by Keith Richards and she picked up a book about the BORGIA’s (she loves the Showtime series….I do too, but I am way behind in and need to catch up, she went on without me lol) BTW Jason of The Borgia’s are in Assassin’s Creed 2….check it out, GREAT GAME!

After our little spending spree I drove her to the theater (she had NO idea what my plans were) and pulled up to the curb and said “why don’t you get out and look pretty and I’ll be right back.” At this point I think she figured it out.

I park the car and met her and tell her to come down to me (I wanted to smuggle one of my Viatmin Water Zeros in and she was by the door near peering eyes) so she came down and I had her open her purse…..crime committed!

I purchase 2 tickets to see SOMETHING BORROWED (she has been wanting to see this since the previews came out and I admit I wanted to see it too….I can do a chick flick if it’s written well…couple of  my favs is ABOUT LAST NIGHT & WHEN HARRY MET SALLY just to give you an idea). We go inside I tell her to go find our seats and I get her a small popcorn with butter (BLUCK…I like mine plain, but this is her day) and a water.

While I’m in line she texts me that she’s up in the very top row (MY girl! That’s my fav place to sit in the movies) and that she almost fell lol (her words, not mine) she said tripped up one of the steps LOL (my word).

Onto the movie review:

Something Borrowed stars Kate Hudson (Goldie Hawn &  Bill Hudson’s daughter), Jennifer Goodwin (One of the wives in BIG LOVE…sorry her name escapes me at the moment) &  John Kransiski (Jim from THE OFFICE) & Collin Egglesfield (never heard of him, but he looks like Tom Cruise).

The story is about Kate, Collin and Jennifer’s’ crazy love triangle….see Jennifer and Collin have been really good friends since college, but that’s all it was is friends….study buddies if you will. One night Jennifer introduces Collin to Kate and they become a couple. Fast forward 6 years and it’s Jennifer’s 30th birthday bash….Collin and Kate are just a few wakes away from becoming man and wife, birthday girl gets trashed and ends up in a cab with Collin where the two confess that they both had crushes on each other in college.

I’ll stop there and no tell anymore details of the film so as not to ruin it for you, and will continue with my half-assed review:

This is a charming, funny romantic comedy that is actually laugh out loud funny at times. You actually care about the characters and what happens to them. Kate Hudson is cute as always, but her characters’ ego really makes her unattractive in this, she does a great job, because like John’s character (who is just a good friend of Jennifer btw….so you know why he’s in the film) can’t really stand her.

Jennifer is great in this even though as my wife pointed out played the same character she always does (shy, unsure of herself single lady) I would like to see her play a more challening role….hopefully she gets the chance sine BIG LOVE is over.

John really steals the movie with his one liners and antics (the beac badmittion scene) he is very funny in this.

I enjoyed this as did my wife and I will give it a B+ or an A-. Very good date movie and worth the $7.50 I spent for a matinee.