An update

Hello faithful readers…… Sorry I’ve been gone for so long. I found another blog and it has inspired me to try this again.

So here’s some updates for ya:

I got a new lawnmower last year about this time with help from “Mr Fix it” it’s a Craftsman, and makes mowing MUCH easier now. “Mr Fix It” retired  from Sears and I used his discount and with his knowledge of mowers he helped me pick a good one for my needs and with my budget. 

I gave up on the treadmill…… Not that I didn’t enjoy it, but it kinda broke and even “Mr Fix It” couldn’t fix it, so it went to the garbage men. 

I Lost my job of 13yrs, got a new one in Nov of 2013. 

Trying the diet thing still…. Wifey bought me a Ninja Bullet and I have been  juicing with fruits & vegetables…. Mostly fruits, and cutting down my portions and drinking only water during the day.  I’ve lost about 14 lbs by doing this and my weight is not what it used to be. This past May the wifey bought me a bike, so I have been trying to do that as well. 

About the bike for a minute… The day after I got it I rode about 6 miles.  I rode it from my house to the boys’ soccer game and back.  That little jaunt messed up my back for about a month….. good times. 

Let’s see….I’m still smoking cigars and even landed a part time job at a cigar shop (not sure if I mentioned that before). I worked there for 2 years and then moved into another shop, which actually has the biggest humidor in the state. Upgraded to a tower humidor and cooler (or coolidor if you will). 


I bought a new car….. not sure if that was brought up before or not, so trying to tell you as much that is rolling off my brain. It’s a 2012 black Scion XB, and I love it! 

Favorite Tunes Friday will return I just need to go back and see where I left off. You seemed to enjoy that, and it was fun for me too. Not sure if I will keep that title or not though……..maybe it will be a daily thing? Who knows.

No promises, but I’m going to try and update this blog more since I’m inspired at the moment.


My Week………..In A Nutshell

Howdy everyone!

Ok that’s out of the way, now on with it.

My father passed away on June 24th…..he wasn’t really my dad, he adopted me because my real father didn’t want me and my stepdad (who I considered my real dad passed away 5 years ago). Anyway we didn’t get along well and actually haven’t even spoke since 2005….so please no condolences needed ok?

Then the weekend came and Saturday my brother had a big bash…pre 4th of July if you will….it was a blast, LOTS of people and my brother grilled out…some amazing burgers, chicken, brats and weenies….lots O’ alcohol and I got a new tat:

Owl Tat

Sunday with me having a hangover my wife drove me and my old college roommate to his house since he was ditched at the party and needed a ride. After we dropped him off me and wifey went to her mom and dad’s camper and hung out in the HEAT!!! Of course it rained (psst….it always rains when I go, there is an inside joke that it’s my fault that it rains).

Checked out the fireworks on Sunday night….ever tried to take a pic of a firework? Yeah it sucks….observe:



Fireworks were ok, i’ve seen better, i’ve seen worse, but it was still fun.

Monday came home and finished GAME OF THRONES on ON DEMAND from COMCAST….if you haven’t watched it I highly suggest you watch it, me and wifey watched 7 episodes on Friday night alone……CRAZY!

Today I had yet another battle with my fucking lawnmower….a little backstory with this beast that I’m sure the BROWNROAD CHRONICLES can relate to. The 1st time the lawnmower gave me fits was because I didn’t have enough oil in it (who knew?) the 2nd time was because I had TO MUCH (that’s right TOO MUCH) oil in it…….seriously?????? Third time it died on me was because something was wrong with it (I can’t remember what “Mr. Fix It” said, but the mower was blowing out oil……Can I get a break??? Nope….just wait. I tried to mow the yard last week, I got the front yard cut no problem…..get to the back yard, I get halfway and it dies…….next day I get less usage before it dies….3rd day……that’s right folks 3 DAYS TRYING TO MOW MY YARD!!!!!!!

Today I get home and “Mr. Fix It” came and fixed the mower, said that it was the carburetor and it’s just the nature of the beast… way to fix it…awesome right?

Well he mowed the front yard……thank you sir. I get to the beloved backyard and guess how many x’s it died on me? Go ahead I’ll wait……………..


Page Down



Keep going



Keep going



Keep going




7 times!!!!!!!!!!!! And to top that off, I ran out of gas and if you refuel the mower won’t start again till the next day, I asked “Mr. Fix It” why that happens, he says it’s just one of those things……….and he fixes mowers for a reason.

I have begged and pleaded with wifey to let us buy a new one….her response? You’ll love this.

“We will get a new one, when the season is over”

“Great! How in the hell am I supposed to mow in the meantime”

She just laughs.

I have to laugh too…..or I’ll cry.