Louder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of MetalLouder Than Hell: The Definitive Oral History of Metal by Jon Wiederhorn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a great book for metal fans both young and old. The book covers the early days (Blue Cheer. Sabbath, Alice Cooper) to most current metal bands (Slipknot, Disturbed, and Godsmack).

In depth interviews, lots of debauchery, and some un-needed details.

All in all this was a pleasure to read, even if I didn’t like certain bands or genres.

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The return of Favorite Tunes Friday

Well I went back and seen what the last song/band was when I departed, so here is the continuation:

This here is 3 Speed Automatic they hailed from Germany, and like most of my FTF’s not much info about these bands. This are a stoner/hard rock band. Very groovy imo. Give it a listen and have a great Friday.

3 Speed Automatic “Hit Me”

Dddddd Double Shot! (Favorite Tunes Friday)

Well I screwed up last week and I totally forgot about Favorite Tunes Friday, so you lucky readers get a double dose of tunes today, I know I consider you lucky too…, no there is no reason to thank me, just sit back relax and listen to the sweetness coming out of your speakers….my error is your gain.

Today we have the band 16 from California they are a sludgy, stoner metal band…get used to these terms people I have a lot of this kind of music in my collection…lucky you. describes this band as the edgy aggression that hangs thick in the air just before a bar fight, translated into music. Sounds great right? They have five albums under their belt the 1st one came out in 1993 and their last came out in 2009, they were on 7 year hiatus before releasing their last album BRIDGES TO BURN  which was their major label debut from RELAPSE RECORDS this is BORN TO LOSE  off of that album, this was recorded live at “HELLFEST 2010”

Next band is Chicago’s 18 SPEED TRANNY the only thing I could found out about this band is that they changed their name to ANALOG MACHINE and have released one album under that moniker which came out in 2007, so I guess it’s safe to say they have either disbanded or on hiatus. Here is all I could find from them this song is called “JUSTICE”  it was recorded live at Durty Nellie’s in IL.

Favorite Tunes Friday

*In my Kasey Kasem voice* Moving down the countdown on my cd collection today is the band 5IVE, not to be confused with british boy band 5ive….it was hard to find a vid, but fear not fellow readers I KNOW how to use the interweb.

5IVE is Boston based psych-stoner-doom act mostly instrumental, so turn it up loud and zone out…Happy Friday!

Favorite Tunes Friday

I decided from now on I am going to TRY to post 1 song every Friday from my collection of music from A-Z…..This could be awesome or a big disaster, and just maybe I can turn you onto some cool music.

So with that here is #1 in my collection: 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, who hail from Canada. They are a metal band which are heavily influenced by King Diamond, Judas Priest & Iron Maiden (how kickass is that?) The 1st time I heard them I was blown away by the singers intensity and range and immediately thought of Mr. Diamond.

This song is off of their 2007 release: Fire Up The Blades.

I hope this song doesn’t scare off my blog followers, because it is HEAVY!!!!

My Tattoos

2 posts in 1 day? Holy smokes! I thought I would share my tattoos with the world and play with adding images to my blog….hope this works.

My 1st tattoo is a doozy it was drawn by a friend in college, I thought it was a badass pic and would make a great tattoo….he now works for Marvel Comics…how cool it that? It has meaning and that is, you have to crawl through hell to find peace…cliche’ I know, but it works….there are over 250 skulls in this piece work by Jason Riggs:

My 2nd tattoo is a rip off ofJoh Frusciante’s of the Red Hot Chili Peppers tat from the Blood Sugar Sex Magik album….here’s John’s:

And here’s mine, now my artist Tat2Ray only had half a pic to work with and I think it’s awesome….the tat is not crooked, it’s my arm:

My 3rd is my love of Punk Rock and Hockey, this is the Dropkick Murphy’s also from Tat2Ray:

My next tattoo I wanted a pirate ship, but I was going through Tat2Ray’s flash art and came across 2 pics one of a Viking ship and the other of this badass bearded dude, so we talked about it and we put two and two together, I love the color in this one, and I hate red, but I like the way it looks on the ship:

Next is more Punk Rock the band Rancid (notice the DKM tatt in the background) also by Tat2Ray:

Next up also by Tat2Ray, this was done at a party after I had many beers and a bottle of Grey Goose split between me and 2 other guys, I don’t even remember getting this, I just remember standing there and then Ray saying “ok you’re done” lol, anyway this is for my love of Goofy and the movie Pulp Fiction…it’s Goofy Vega:

Next is my love of the Heavy Metal band Down also by Tat2Ray:

The next tattoo has 2 meanings 1. it’s for the Heavy Metal band Crowbar and 2. it’s and homage’ to my family in New Orleans also by Tat2Ray, he was afraid the white wouldn’t last, but it has:

I don’t remember which one of the next 2 tatts came 1st and the pics don’t help since they were both taken on the same day, 1st is up is the band Corrosion Of Conformity or C.O.C….also by Tat2Ray:

Then Iron Maiden’s Eddie from Ace’s High also by Tat2Ray:

Wanna see my Willie?  This was taken right after it was finished it looks much better now by Skot Sexton:

This next tattoo was done at a party of a friend’s, I don’t remember his name, but the tat came out pretty good, it’s of the Misftis:

Next tat is my fav it’s from this comic:

And here is the tattoo by Skot Sexton:

Next tattoo is the only one I regret the guy who did this was young and just starting out, I wanted something to add to my Octopus I would eventually like to have a full sleeve of an underwater scene, I was not prepared and he kinda talked me into this:

Next tattoo was my 40th birthday present D.R.I. also by the kid who did the shark, but this one I like:

I don’t have a photo of the next tattoo, but it’s a Star right above Batman, and I have a turtle above the Octopus will post another time and my last tattoo so far is from the band Zeke: