Beastie Boys Book Review

Fuck……..where do I start? Let’s start with a bit of a background and what the Beasties mean to me. I was not a fan of the bboys at first……I know shocking, yeah I had licence to Ill, but I considered them a joke….”Fight for your right to party” had it’s moment in time, yeah I listened along, yeah I knew the words, but I thought it was stupid……still do. I was more into “Hold it now, hit it” and “Paul Revere.”

So Paul’s Boutique comes out, I didn’t know anything about it (really hurts to type that, but it’s true). I think I remember seeing the “Hey ladies” video, and I mildly paid attention to it, I had just kind of written them off really.

So fast forward to 1992, this is where my life changed…….I’ll set the scene: I’m working at a call center (well I was actually a long distance operator for MCI……remember them?) So, there is this cool chick named Amber, and we had gone back and forth about music, movies and just cool shit.

One day Amber is very excited and I say “what’s up?” “The New Beastie Boys drops today!!!!” “The Licensed To Ill & Fight For Your Right To Party guys??? So what??” She just looks at me like I stepped on her cat or something. “Dude” she grabs my shirt pulls me close to her & says “Have you not heard Paul’s Boutique?” Now it was my turn to look at her in that weird way she looked at me, I just shake my head and kinda scoff. She begins to tell me how badass/funky/awesome this album is (this was before youtube or Spotify or any kind of streaming service, so she couldn’t play me a sample or anything. She said that they had changed their sound, and were NOTHING like LTI days.

So, I made a note to myself to check out PB, I mean this was AMBER, cool ass Amber who was hip to all things cool, certainly she wouldn’t lead me in the wrong direction right? So I went to Best Buy the next day (remember when they sold cd’s? Sorry fighting back the tears) I purchase PB…..I seen Check Your Head, but I ignored it…..I wasn’t convinced yet. I get in the car and I put PB in and I discovered my love and devotion to the BBoys that day, all thanks to Amber…….Amber, wherever you are I thank you & hope your still hip to the coolness.

fast forward to 2018 my best friend tells me there is a BBoys book coming out, I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas, I asked and received.

Now onto the book. This is a Hefty book over 500 pages! It’s a look into their life from young punks up to current day. but there is something missing………Adam Yauch (MCA) he passed away in 2012, so Adam Horovitz & Michael Diamond (AdRock & Mike D) wrote this book to tell the story of the Beastie Boys, and to give a tribute to their fallen friend/bandmate/brother.

This book is a fan’s dream come true, some of the stuff you knew, A LOT you didn’t, you just speculated. I am not going to go into depth about the book, it really needs to be experienced by the reader. I got choked up, I laughed and I reminisced while reading this book, I was sad to finish it, because this may be the last thing we ever get from them.

If you’re a fan it’s a must read, I mean if you’re a fan you already know about the book, and have either read it or it’s on your list………right?

What’s not to love about the Beasties? They are music nerds (like myself) they go our of their way to find the most rarest shit or long forgotten gem to add to their collections, and fif we as fans are lucky we get to hear these gems in their songs.

They aren’t afraid to change up their style/image, kinda like Bowie did with every album. They play their own instruments, most of today’s rappers don’t do they, just sample.

They have been friends since they were kids, they lived together, and are the best of friends, they know each other in/out.

They have been one of my faves since 1992..

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