My 1st Herf

“A herf is a gathering of smokers, which usually turns into a gathering of friends where in stories are told, smokes are shared, run rampant and generally a BBQ breaks out….Most people stress about their first one with new people…what do I bring, am I expected to hand out smokes, ect. Just show up and be yourself….unless your an asshole, then you should probably be someone else…if you have the means to hand out a few smokes, do so, if not don’t. Just have a good time” Loki from the forums

I know some of you would ask “What’s a herf?” So there is your explanation and this is EXACTLY what it is. Just a group of people be it male or female that enjoy cigars and good company.

I have only been smoking cigars for a little over 3 years, my brother in law (was only a co-worker at the time) got me into the art form that is smoking cigars. I say art form, because there is a tender beauty to cigar smoking…there are rules.

The lighting of the cigar, you can’t just put the bic to the “stick” (term of cigar, as well as “stogie” and the plain “smoke” there may be more, but I am a noob so those are the only 3 I have heard) and light it…oh no, there are rules.

1st off NEVER use a bic, in fact the best way to light your “stogie” is to use a wooden match (they burn longer) or a flame torch lighter and you must light the outer area of the “stick” first and make sure it is really lit. Then you can cut your cigar, or punch it (I have covered this already in my previous posts) or bite it, but I would not recommend this unless you want bits of tobacco and paper in your mouth.

One your cigar is cut or punched then you take your lighter or match to the “stick” and slowly rotate the cigar while you puff (NEVER INHALE….think of like going underwater in a swimming pool…just take the water in then exhale same with a cigar) and make sure the cigar is lit.

When smoking you only take about a puff every minute to two minutes, if you smoke it too fast you will taste the burn on your tongue (not pleasant) if you draw (puff) too fast it makes the “stick” burn too fast and you lose the flavor and this is the whole reason to smoke cigars.

Ok now that I have given you a little bit of the rules I will get to the point of today’s blog.

I joined a cigar message board that I am very happy with and it has consumed my time away from my blog, my emails and my Xbox!!!!  You cant join this board and start out reading the “stickies” and several days can go by while you soak in all the information, before you even have your 1st post.

So anyway I seen on the board that some fellow Indiana (Hoosiers) cigar smokers were going to have a herf and I decided to go. It was originally going to be at a bar, but this got moved because the bar owner was closing it down for the day….it was Labor Day so I’m sure he just didn’t want to work.

Well one of the guys stepped forward and said we could have it at his grandparents house. I didn’t I just wanted to go and get my herf cherry popped so to speak.

Well I went and had a great time, met some great people and enjoyed some great smokes and great food. These people even shared their smokes with me and gave me some sticks which is always appreciated, but never expected. A few even came from Ohio to be there, which was surprising and inspiring that they would travel to just hang….very cool in my eyes.

I can definitely see myself doing this about once a month or so, I have even been invited to a herf this Saturday in KY, I am racking my brain trying to think of how I can scrape up the $ to go…….I seriously need a 2nd job. (Not kidding).

Here a few pics, I will leave the faces out so no one will be offended (if they stumble upon this blog)

This was the view from the backyard


One of the cigars I was given


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