Is 3d Being Over Done?


I for one love 3D if it’s made correctly, best 3D I have ever seen was COMING AT YA, anyone ever heard of it? The movie itself sucks balls, but the 3D in is amazing and entire movie every 5 seconds something is COMING AT YA.

I feel 3D is being run into the ground and they are now ruining it. Do we really need 3D tv’s so our favorite sports players can jump out at us??? I don’t need an ugly ass Shaq in my house *Shudder*

And now cable is jumping on the bandwagon and now offering 3D…’s run it’s course….as one person said it was cool in the 50’s now it’s just a gimmick.

Again, if it’s done right like the film I mentioned above then by all means make it in 3D, but I don’t want to see Twilight in 3D or anything like that, where only the fight sequences are in 3D.

There, just my 2 cents.


9 thoughts on “Is 3d Being Over Done?

  1. I completely agree with you…
    although to be honest, I’ve not seen 3-D TV, or even watched a 3-D movie since I was a kid, so I’m not sure my vote would really count on this. Still, it seems terribly gimmicky at first glance, anyway…

  2. everything is in 3d now. in here, the movies are shown either in a 3d theater or in a regular one. the 3d one is more expensive of course. i am not sure how i feel about the 3d trend. maybe it is a fad and like all fads, it will go away soon enough.

  3. Man, not sure how I missed this post, but you are so right. I even posted something about it on Twitter one time. If you do want to see a good one though…we have Journey To The Center of The Earth (with Brendan Fraser) on Blu-Ray in 3-D…one of the best I have ever seen.

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