Unemployment Has It’s Moments

My best friend is currently unemployed and this is an actual text conversation we had…..enjoy.

HIM – “There is a movie on now with Bill Cosby playing Satan lol”
*Come I can’t make this up* <— These are my thoughts to you dear readers.

ME – “OMG!!! Title plz?”

HIM – “The Devil And Max Devlin…also features Elliott Gould”

ME – “Nice!!”
*I mean come on, Bill Cosby as Satan and also co-starring Elliott Gould????? This is hig grade bad cinema!*

HIM – “Nothing says Evil like Cliff Huxtable”
*couldn’t have said it better myself*

HIM – “Satan is at a dirt bike race at the moment”
*Is this not amazing?*

ME – “Dayum this is good shit!”

HIM – “That little dildo kid from 8 Is Enough is also in it”
*Now I can’t believe what I just read*

ME – “Adam Rich?”

HIM – “Exactly…man you can’t remember what happened last week but you are all over Adam Rich…amazing”
*It’s true, I can’t remember a sentence you told me 5 mins ago, but I can rattle off unimportant shit like this constantly….I should have been on one of those game shows*

ME – “Lol…It boggles mine and my wife’s mind too”

HIM – “So many Cosby jokes spring to mind with him as Satan…tortured souls say the darndest things…Ok Elliott Gould has sold his soul to Cosby….and Gould used the satanic influence he has gained to help a long haired kid win dirt bike race lol….so according to Christian theology we live in a world in which George Burns and Bill Cosby are fighting for our souls…I am going to church on Sunday with popcorn”
*Who writes this stuff?? It’s golden*

So I did some research to find pics for this blog….check em’ out and if you have seen this movie tell me more!


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