Favorite Tunes Friday

I decided from now on I am going to TRY to post 1 song every Friday from my collection of music from A-Z…..This could be awesome or a big disaster, and just maybe I can turn you onto some cool music.

So with that here is #1 in my collection: 3 INCHES OF BLOOD, who hail from Canada. They are a metal band which are heavily influenced by King Diamond, Judas Priest & Iron Maiden (how kickass is that?) The 1st time I heard them I was blown away by the singers intensity and range and immediately thought of Mr. Diamond.

This song is off of their 2007 release: Fire Up The Blades.

I hope this song doesn’t scare off my blog followers, because it is HEAVY!!!!


10 thoughts on “Favorite Tunes Friday

  1. Here’s why I suck: I almost never play videos that people link to. Here’s why you rule: I played this one and it’s kickass! (You totally sucked me in with the Iron Maiden/ King Diamond bit). Two lead singers, huh!

    • Ah haaaaaa! Now I know the secret to more people veiwing my blog, add details…..glad you liked it, now you know my tastes maybe you will be more willing to take a looksey.

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