I Saw The Devil – A Review

Just watch this amazing foreign film on Netflix instant called I SAW THE DEVIL.

I won’t tell you the plot, just watch the preview below. I will tell you that this movie is VERY violent and disturbing and the ultimate revenge movie I have ever seen. It is in Korean, but there are English subtitles. It is very stylish and the cinematography is top notch, I have always enjoyed foreign horror films, but this is way beyond that, yes there is some very terrifying moments and things you can’t unsee, but if you have a sense of adventure I dare you to watch this film.

Highly recommended…It’s in the Foreign section on Netflix Instant.


6 thoughts on “I Saw The Devil – A Review

    • They did, right now I have Unlimited 1 dvd at a time to my mailbox and unlimited Instant viewing for like 10.00 a month or something, starting in Sept they are changing, it will be $8 for each! or $16 for both.

      Fuck that, I MAY keep instant, but I dont know….principles ya know???

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