“I’m Gonna Fight You!”

Last night my stepson wanted to go outside and play while mommy made dinner, so I went out with him to watch him and make sure he didn’t runaway or get kidnapped or just didn’t do anything he shouldn’t be doing.

It started out ok with him riding his bike, but then his ADD kicked in and he wanted to ride his battery operated Jeep. The night before we all sat out in the driveway and watched a local church put on a firework show and while we waited he rode the Jeep around and the battery was getting weak and we all forgot to charge it.

He tells me that he wants to ride his Jeep, I tell him that it’s dead and that the battery needs to be charged, which usually takes overnight to charge it.

“No it isn’t”

“Ok fine” I have grown tired of arguing with a four year old, so whenever he argues now, I just say “OK.”

He rides the Jeep and surprisingly it works…………until he gets out into the street and turns around to go over the little ramp back up to the driveway. Here is where it turns sour, the Jeep doesn’t have the power to make it over the ramp and he starts yelling at me.


“No” I say calmly, because he didn’t say please and I am trying to get this kid to learn his manners, if he would have said please I would have jumped up and helped  and I wasn’t going to remind him.


“No, you can push it” It’s not that heavy, even for a 4 year old.

He gets out and pushes it, to my surprise he pushes it very hard and easily (he was pissed!) he pushes it all the way up to the top of the driveway.

“I’m gonna tell mommy you yelled at me!”

“No, I didn’t” I didn’t yell, this whole entire time I was very calm and trying not to egg him on.

He goes inside and SLAMS the door, he comes out a few seconds later…


He’s carying this toy sword that if you get hit with it, it does hurt, and he comes out and he starts hitting me really fast repeatedly.


Continues hitting me

“I said stop”

Continues hitting me, so I swat his butt, it would have been harder, but the angle I was at I couldn’t reach it….he stops and just glares at me.

“Get in the house!”

Still glaring


He starts crying and he goes inside, I follow him and he stands in the kitchen.

“Get on the couch and don’t move!!”

Mommy finally has had it

“Ok what is going on”

I explain to her that he is upset because the Jeeps’ battery is dead and I calmly explain to her as I did above. After I finished she took my side and told him that he knows better than to hit people with the sword, and he stays on the couch till dinner is ready (about 10 mins if that).

Sigh……good times.



6 thoughts on ““I’m Gonna Fight You!”

  1. It is tough when trying to raise step-kids when you have different views than their mom/dad on things. I have done it twice now…hang in there buddy…sounds like you have a good one though…she took your side because it was right, & not his because he is her son!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, yeah this step-parenting can be rough….he used to tell me every other day (seriously) “I don’t like you” I would just say “I know, now what do you want for breakfast?” He’s not a morning person lol.

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