Family Reunion Phase 2 With Busted Feets

So I married into a very family orientated family….they like….no LOVE to spend time with each other,  which isn’t a bad thing, just not for me….I can go 2 weeks without talking to my family and I’m good and when I do see them, 4-6 hours is enough for me.

My wife’s family created this family get together EVERY Thursday night at her mothers’ house,  which I have dubbed FAMILY REUNION NIGHT ( I think my brother-in-law may have coined the phrase, but I’m stealing it). Anyway a little background on the # of peeps I’m talking about and then I’ll get to the point…I promise.

My wife has 3 sisters and 1 brother that she stays in contact with regularly. Her sisters are all married so now there are 3 brother in-laws and to top that of they all have kids so now the grand total is 5 cousins oh and I forgot to add 1 Sister In Law….whew…ok…..still with me?

Ok so now back to FAMILY REUNION NIGHT, a majority of the time there are 8 of us, but there have been occasions when ALL of us are there and it’s not even a Holiday!!!

One of her sisters was living with her mom and her other sister lived next door, just recently they have both flown the coop so to speak and FAMILY REUNION NIGHT has been on hiatus for about a month. Last night the one sister who was living with her mom decided to bring it back and invited us to their new house for dinner. I didn’t really want to go, because I knew that it would be past 8pm before we got home and we would be coming straight from work…..I want to work out and it’s difficult to do so late when the boy has to be put to bed and such.

I go, because me and the wife and sister-in-law save a glacier daily by carpooling (that’s an AL GORE joke people) and I was kinda stuck. We had Lasagna (not good for the CHRIS CLAY DIET) salad (3 helpings thank you!) and skipped the bread (doing good right?) .

After dinner the boy and her cousin want to watch Gnomeo & Juliet so I sit down with them and start watching it as well, problem is we can’t hear it because of all the chatter at the table still so we head upstairs.

Movies’ playing and I’m really not into it, so I remembered that they have a treadmill I think to myself I bet I could use it and do my workout here and all will be ok….I ask where the treadmill is and he tells me it’s in the other room, I ask if I can use it he says sure.

I go to the room and there is the treadmill and another machine in there, one that has step like things and these things for your hands…..think of skiing in place…there ya go. So I get on the treadmill and start the workout, I notice that theirs is better than ours (it has a built in fan!!!!! Badass!!!).

Here’s where the problem comes……i’m barefoot, yeah forgot to mention that part didn’t I? Yep but I still get 20 mins in as opposed to my usual 30 mins, but  just couldn’t go on anymore because my feet were hurting, I thought my left foot was bleeding, but no it wasn’t.

I go back out and sit down to see if Gnomeo & Juliet has got any better….it has for the most part. I tell the cousin how my feet hurt he replies with “YOU DID THAT BAREFOOT!!!?” I look at him like i’m wearing an asshat and say “yeah” he just goes “No wonder you’re feet hurt.” I explained to him that my shoes are downstairs and it wasn’t a planned workout.

My feet still hurt, but I have my shoes on now lol. So to all my weight losing buddies out there…DO NOT TREADMILL BAREFOOT!

Maybe I should make a sign & put up where my treadmill is.



9 thoughts on “Family Reunion Phase 2 With Busted Feets

  1. I kinda know what you mean about those weekly family get togethers. When I met my wife, she told me that every Friday night for the past 9 years, they had what was called “Steak Night” at her uncle’s house. I got all excited & we went to my 1st one. Her Aunt got mad at her that night for a real dumbass reason & hasn’t spoken to her since then & that was almost 4 years ago. That was my 1st & only “Steak Night”. LOL We have talked about starting something like that with friends & my family…just haven’t yet!

    • Ha ha, oh well at least i’m not irritate bass (like the guitar) like my friend calls me….oh he knows how to pronounce it, he just likes that name better….I told him it is fitting.

  2. This is something I would totally learn the hard way too. I’m glad you saved me from it. It’s kinda like how you think not wearing undies isn’t a big deal to run out for milk and then you end up running ninety errands and get stuck in traffic and have to pick up kids and end up meeting someone you’re trying to get a job interview with. . . wait, maybe it’s nothing like that. Hmm.

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