8 Lbs Lighter

Sorry to be redundant, I promise this won’t be what all my posts are about. My sister in law brought to my attention that I am doing the Postaweek2011 and my last post was Friday 6/3/11. I always thought it was Sunday to Sunday, but she’s right.

Soooo to do my Postaweek I thought I would update you all on the Chris Clay Diet…I was going to wait and only weigh myself once a month for better results (this is my mentality), but last night I was in the bathroom where we keep the scales and I just looked at them and said Ok bastard, let’s do this.

In my amazement I lost another 4 lbs, which equals a grand total of (drumroll please) 8 lbs!!!! Now I know it’s not a lot, but dammit I’m excited and as I said if I continue to see results I’ll keep on keeping on.

Thanks for all the support everyone and I promise a better blog by Sunday….especially for my  gaming readers.


6 thoughts on “8 Lbs Lighter

  1. Ha ha, if soon you mean October then yes heh…….October is kinda my breaking month, I expect to see significant weight loss by then since it will be 5 months.

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