My Weekend

I was going to title this “My Memorial Day Weekend”, but so much happened and not just on Memorial Day.

Friday night me and my wife took the boy to see KUNG FU PANDA 2 we pick him up from the sitters and he’s all excited…see the sitter was taking her kids to see it as well (I didn’t know this until the next day) so he was upset that he wasn’t going with them, but excited that we were taking him.

We get to the theater and he has to go pee….this kid pees every 10 mins, it must be his age I dunno, so mommy takes him to the bathroom and I head to the concessions. I order her and the boy a medium popcorn with butter and he gets a Sprite and she gets a Coke and some candy to share. I with the plain popcorn and a water, since I am on the “Chris Clay Diet.”

We go into the seating section and we’re climbing the stairs, me and my wife like to sit in the very top row in the middle so we decided to let him experience this as well. This is his 2nd movie in the theater, last year we took him to see TOY STORY 3 and it was so crowded we had to sit close to the screen.  As we’re climbing he sees some kids sitting with their mom and says “Can I sit with those kids?” We kind of laugh and tell him no that he has to sit with us so further we climb, see he is an only child and me and my wife are trying but I have sperm like Homer Simpson and they just can’t find the egg so he is lonely and dying to play with other kids.

We get to our seats and these kids arrive at their seats in front of us, again he asks if he can sit with them, then also asks if he can invite them over to our house, it’s funny and sad at the same time. We again tell him no and that he has to sit with us. He does and we’re watching the movie and he is hogging all of the popcorn from mommy that I have to ask her if she is even getting any, she says she is and we continue watching the film. He is doing very well for the time being then the ADD kicks in and he notices a little girl about 2 seats from mommy.

He gets up and goes over to her and sits next to her, he says something to her for a second then just watches the movie, me and mommy watch to make sure he isn’t disrupting anyone, after only 1 pee break he continues to sit next to the girl for the whole film. At one point he does get up and asks us if he can ask some kids some questions, we tell him no and if he doesn’t behave we are going to leave, he sits down next to the girl again.

I believe I reviewed the movie already, if not then here goes, I really enjoyed it…It may even be better than the 1st one. The Animation was stellar, but lots of  red color  through the whole film, there were some very laugh out loud moments and the action will keep the youngsters entertained.

Next morning he had his T-ball game, won’t go into much detail here, but the game consisted of 3 kids crying and him and another kid fighting over the ball and mommy had to go out and break up the fight and tell him that they are both on the same team……CLASSIC! You just don’t get that in the big leagues.

After the ballgame the boy went with his aunt and her husband to go camping with grandma & grandpa while me and my wife celebrated my 1 year anniversary. First me and my wife went to my mother’s house for a birthday party. We had a little bit of food since we were going to a restaurant after our movie we didn’t want to fill up. Mom had the pool open, but it was still a little too cold to swim (Saturday) so we just sat on the deck and ate and hung out.

We go see BRIDESMAIDS this movie stars Kristen Wiig, Mya Rudolph and directed by Paul Fieg (Freaks & Geeks, The Office) and produced by Judd Apatow (Freaks & Geeks, 40 Year Old Virgin)

The plot from Wikipedia reads:

Annie and Lillian have been best friends since their childhood days growing up in Milwaukee; when Lillian gets engaged, she asks Annie to be her Maid of Honor. Lillian also selects four bridesmaids: Helen Harris, the wealthy wife of Lillian’s fiancé’s boss and Lillian’s new close friend; Becca, a newlywed who loves marriage and pities Annie because of her unmarried state; Megan, the aggressive sister of the groom; and Rita, a relative who is dissatisfied with her marriage and three sons. While the wedding preparations continue, Annie’s personal life is falling apart. Her cake shop went bankrupt, forcing her to take a job at a jewelry store where she is an ineffective saleswoman and makes very little money. She is kicked out of the apartment that she shares with a pair of invasive twins. Despite advice from her friends, Annie is in the midst of a self destructive relationship with a man who only thinks of her as a sex buddy. Annie’s chaotic personal life, budgetary restrictions, and insecurity about Lillian and Helen’s friendship begin to take their toll as the wedding draws nearer.

This movie is drop dead funny, so many laugh out loud moments and great jobs by all especially Melissa McCarthy from Mike & Molly fame, she has some of the funniest lines in the film and pretty much steals every scene she is in, not to say the other cast members aren’t good they are, but Megan….MAN!!! You just have to see it to know what I am saying, Also this movie will probably make Kristen Wigg say bye bye to SNL =8-(

This is her best role yet and you actually feel for her character at times.

Kristen Wiig


After the movie we went to a restaurant, we both agreed that we wanted to go somewhere we have never been before. Her co-workers told her about The Journey which is an all you can eat buffet with mostly Asian delicacies they had Sushi. Crab legs, Octopus, Shrimp, Steak, Ribs, Soup, and desserts which included a chocolate fountain……Chris Clay diet was out the window lol.

Dinner was very good and crazy, the crazy part were the people there, it was a free for all, people everywhere and if you didn’t know what you were doing they would cut you and move on…never seen anything like it before. I enjoyed the dinner more than my wife, she is not crazy about buffets and it leaned more towards the Asian side which she is not fond of, but we did have a good time and I tried Eel…which was delicious to my surprise.

Next day (Sunday) sister-in-law got free tickets to the Indy 500 so me, wife, sis in law and her husband all went to the track, we loaded up the beer and were on our way, today’s temp 91 degrees (sorry Canadians, not sure what that it in celsius) perfect day for swimming, but oh no we went to the track.

I have been to the track 3x’s in my life and it has never been an enjoyable experience, 1st off I am not a race fan and it’s too hot and too crowded + too expensive the only good thing is you can bring your own cooler. So with that being said I could care less about going to the Indy 500, but wife said she has never been before and would like to go….I went for her.

Here comes the fun part

See the pic below ? See the Orange section at the bottom of the track? Ok now go to the right of that on that main strip about an inch with your finger, got it? Ok that’s where we parked!!!!

Now see the green section on the left? That’s where we had to walk to just to get to our seat….so I said fuck the treadmill since I walked about 4 miles altogether carrying a cooler (props to sis in law for helping me when I needed it).

Ok so we get to our seats right about 12pm when the race starts, we got to see the presentation: Florence Henderson singing “God Bless America”, Jim Neighbors singing “Back Home In Indiana”, the flying of the stealth plane, fireworks and about 82 laps of the race when wife said she’s done and ready to go….all I could do was laugh and she said “drink up” I said “what?” She said “I’m serious, drink up, I’m over it.” I said “I’ve had 3 in less than an hour….I can only drink so fast.” Remember it’s hot as shit out too and we were in the blaring sun!!!

Being the good hubby that I am I just laughed and said ok and stood up and we all filed out, we were there for 2 hours…..stay with me, it gets better. We get to this gas station and my brother-in-law had a great idea, let’s leave the girls here and we will go and walk back to the car and come back and pick them and the gear up…..sounds easy enough right? WRONG!!!! The roads were blocked going back towards the gas station, so we end up going way out of the way just to get about 2 blocks from where we started from the get go!!!! So we call the girls and tell them they had to get the gear (2 coolers and a backpack) and walk to meet us because we couldn’t get to them….by this time the race was over too so we should have just stayed at the race lol.

Girls were upset, but they didn’t give us too much shit, sis/bro in law was going to have a cookout and invited us over. We go home 1st since they had to get their kid from the sitter (our kid was with his dad) so I go home and lay on the couch and pass out….I wake up to my wife yelling at me to wake up, when I wake up she said she had called my name 7x’s!!! This is rare for me since I am a light sleeper, but remember I had been drinking all day and was in the heat.

We go to the cookout and have a good time and I drink more and more, we end up watching DINNER FOR SCHMUCKS

I liked it, but had a hard time staying awake towards the end in my drunken state heh.

The next day (Monday…Memorial Day) I cut the grass in the morning (my workout for the day)  and then we went back to my moms and swam since it was another 91 degrees, this time we took the boy since his dad dropped him off at 2pm.

We had a great time, came home about 6pm and got ready for the next day and going back to work.

How was your weekend?



10 thoughts on “My Weekend

  1. Damn buddy…that’s one hell of weekend. I’m like you at the theater…like to sit in top row. Glad to see also that you liked that movie…have heard it is the female version of “The Hangover”. It looks funny. Great post….keep up the good work!

  2. Should’ve brought a wagon for your cooler & all…Mom (Johnnie) did when she went to the air show….She thought it was a GODSEND!!!…just saying….Glad you all had fun. Love your site!!! Got to get one set-up for me….

    • *slaps forwhead* A wagon!!!! That would have really helped. We did see a wagon and it had a padlock on it against a fence like a bike lol. Thanks for reading.

  3. I’m oh so jealous that you got to go to the race, even if you were over it! I grew up in Indy and only got to go to the race once: the first year anyone qualified over 230 (’91?), Roberto Guerrero, but it was in the 50’s that day and he wiped out trying to warm his tires up before it even started. But I digress. It sounds like a hell of a workout! I read the part about you being “in the heat” as you being “in heat” instead. 🙂 I love eel too!

    • Well I wasn’t “over it” my wife was and it was her FIRST time and she’s almost 30!!! However I could care less about going, I have been before 3 different x’s + 1 Carb Day and justy didn’t “feel it” again not a race fan, but I see what you are saying.

      Eel was gooooood! I would like to try it without the Sushi part (not a Cucumber fan lol).

      Thanks for reading, when did you leave Indy?

  4. You can get it without the cucumber part. If you order unagi in a sushi place it usually comes slightly warm, on a bite of rice, with a super tasty japanese BBQ sauce on it, just enough. No cukes. I left Indy in 1995 but my mom & sis are still there.

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