May 29th 2010

Hello everyone today’s post is all about my wife and our journey until the day we got married (See the above date….One year ago today) *WARNING: LOTS OF PICS!!*

A little backstory of how we met, I was UNHAPPILY married and was trying to decide if I should stay in the doomed marriage or do something about it….I chose the latter. Ok enough of the past marriage.

My current wife had started working where I work and cliched, but it was love at 1st sight. So I did what any man would do, I STALKED her…true story, anyway it worked to my advantage, because she fell head over heels for me heh.

She became my life

Look at that sexy face!

Ain’t we cute?

Ok, you get the point, we were pretty inseparable. Fast forward, I ask her to marry me and she says yes, and the date is set for May 29th 2010 and this my friends is the happiest day of my life, observe:


So, here’s to my beautiful wife HAPPY FIRST ANNIVERSARY! I LOVE YOU!

I hope you all enjoyed my journey. Sorry if there were too many pics, but I could’ve kept going.


10 thoughts on “May 29th 2010

  1. Great post buddy…glad you are happy. You two look great together. Happy Anniversary to you both! Very nice post….I did one kinda like this back for Valentine’s day…dig back a bit & you can find it!

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