Mr. Fix It

I am not a handy man kind of guy, sure I can hammer a nail, I can use a screwdriver, I can change a tire and I can even change my own oil (I’m way out of practice, but still). So now onto my point:

This is Walt, he is my father in law he’s 71 and strong as an Ox……he is happily showing you just how strong he is here at my wedding reception:

WaltThe other day, Tuesday to be exact Walt came over for dinner and he looked my lawnmower which was giving me some problems. Walt has his own lawnmower repair service..good for me I’m family.

Walt took a look at and said I had too much oil in it, before I didn’t have enough….so I was very embarrassed and ashamed of myself, well long story short Walt fixed the mower.

Then my car wouldn’t start so he told me the previous weekend that it was my battery and it needed to be replaced, he let me borrow his battery charger and it wouldn’t charge, so I was in the process of taking the battery out to buy a new one.

Now here is where my lack of being a handyman comes into play, 1st off I don’t think the battery has ever been replaced since the screws were pretty much rusted on and was very difficult to loosen up. I did get them loose though and here is where the fun part begins, the battery is secured on the right side (passenger side) near the back of the hood, there is not a lot of room to work there and the battery is secured by a bar the goes across the top of the battery and then hooks to the front and back of it. I got the screws loose, but still could not remove it…….so of course I was pissed and just gave up and was hoping Walt could come look at it.

Walt took a look at it and again long story short he removed the bar and told me that my battery wasn’t dead…..I said well what is it then? He said the battery had corrosion on it. I said that’s it? He said yep and went to his service van and cleaned up the battery. This man had a tool for everything, he had lubricant for the screws to loosen up and he had 2 different brushes to clean up the corrosion with….this blew my mind.

I told my stepson “Man, your grandpa is pretty awesome.” He replied “Yep, he can fix anything.” He’s 4!!!!!!

So here’s to you Walt aka Mr. Fix it, I don’t know what I would have done without your help, Thank you


12 thoughts on “Mr. Fix It

  1. I know what you mean man…I’m not mechanical at all. I will tell you a bad place for a car battery. My Dad has 1996 Buick Riveria…the damn battery is inside the car under the back seat. Talk about a pain to work on, replace, or jump off….LOL

    • Wow! 83? That’s impressive! I was over at my father in law’s house yesterday and we are actually starting to get high “summer” like temps, man he had all the windows open and the doors and was just sleeping……my fat ass was sweating! I had to go home and take a shower. My wife said that he doesn’t turn on the air until the temps reach over 100 degrees! I said so basically he doesn’t turn the air on then lol

  2. 🙂 Handy is good, but I can fix my own car …. hehehehehe, I am a boy that way. Been way to long since I wrenched on the old Mustang…if we ever get any sun I need to do a good engine cleaning… 🙂

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