Don’t Need Nothing…But A Good Time.

This morning I awoke from a dream…me and my wife had just left her sisters house and we were talking about the band Poison, actually she was talking about them.

Anyway I pull into this rinky-dink record store and tell her that I wanted to treat myself…she said go ahead.

I go in and instead of cd’s they have what looks like backpatches (remember those?) and this is how you order what you are looking for, so I see them all from AC/DC to ZZTOP just your basic bands nothing rare or anything.

I’m looking for a band in particular and right now as I’m writing I can’t remember which one anyway I see Poison and I remember my conversation with my wife and I decided.I would suprise her.

I look around the store and I see cd’s now…remember it’s a dream, just go wih it. I look through their selection and I come across an album called ‘Nothing, But A Good Time’ and it looks like a kind of “Storytellers” album just from the cover. I asked to listen to it to see if it was what I thought it was and to see what kind of condition it was in…..I failed to mention this was a used record store. The cd sounded good so I decided to purchase it.

So I find a couple of cd’s for myself as well (I think a live Pearl Jam & maybe a Guns N’ Roses cd). So I go to the counter and the lady says they have a special, buy 1 get 2 for free!!!!! I question this, but she assures me it’s true, so I pay full price for Poison and start to go back to the car to surprise my wife and I wake up.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Need Nothing…But A Good Time.

  1. At least you remembered it…I have dreams all the time & when I wake up…think to myself how I want to tell my wife what it was & can’t think of it!

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