1st post……What to write????

So I thought that writing a blog would be fun and interesting, but thinking of what exactly to write is where I run into a brick wall.

Now I am NOT a writer, I just though it would be fun to jot down some of my thoughts and share them with the world. There will probably be spelling errors (even though I hate when I have them) and I wont have commas in the right place and things like that…stuff my English teacher despised.

So maybe I will write about me? Even though you can read all that info in my personal profile. Maybe I will write about my family….OK I am newly married to a girl I stalked at work  and she gave in to my stalking and married me, she has a 4 year old son so now I am a step daddy.

I work at a trucking company as a dispatcher, have been here for 9 years, so it’s never a dull moment. Could probably do a blog on some of the things I hear here at work both in the office and from the calls that come in.

I am a movie freak, although lately I find myself watching more TV than movies…..hell let’s face it I watch more cartoons than anything lately ha ha.

I love music and I am a “retired” musician (I played bass guitar) but I am still a big big fan of music I love metal and punk these are my 1st two loves, but I can listen to anything so I am versatile although very little rap and country please.

I am a gamer, now by this title I am not a person that has to get every single achievement (XBOX 360 for me baby) or every Easter egg, but I will play a game from start to finish and I like to talk about games as well.

I have tattoos, 18 to be exact and I am not close to being finished, but time and $ play a factor now for getting more work.

OK enough about me, now onto the blog??

This will be an uncensored blog, so if I offend sorry about ya….don’t read.

Some of my thoughts may seem garbled, just deal with it.

I feel I have a great sense of humor, you may not. I will admit my humor is odd, but as my brother states on his Myspace/Facebook “I’m an asshole and a hell of a guy.” I couldn’t have said it better.

Last of all I will TRY to keep up on the blog and try not to leave my fellow readers (HA HA) hanging.

If you don’t want to read anything again based off this post I totally understand too.


7 thoughts on “1st post……What to write????

  1. There you go buddy, that was awesome. We have alot in common. I was a dispatcher at a trucking company for 2 & 1/2 years. Hate rap & country music, & have 3 tattoos. Not sure why you were worried at 1st…that was very well said!

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